Everything done at COPPER+CRONE is to ensure that it remains the kind of store where you're proud to spend your money.  That means that we are intentional from whom we source our products, how we run our business, and how we dedicate a portion of our profits for good.   

COPPER+CRONE is dedicated to supporting women makers and artists, most of whom also support causes they are passionate about.  The entire chain of positive impact starts with the beauty and quality of the items these talented women put into the world.
      As we continue our journey, we remain eager to learn and support while staying curious about how to continue to bring our customers beautiful products in a way that aligns with our values.

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Support Women Artisans Worldwide

Our collections feature beautifully crafted items created by talented women all over the world. Your purchase supports them financially and enables them to continue to grow and create.

We Give Back

Our mission is to prove that being successful business owners and giving back to causes that matter are not mutually exclusive. We dedicate a portion of our profit to help others. Your purchases make a huge difference to people everywhere.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We utilize reused, recycled and reusable packaging materials whenever possible. As we grow, we will continue to learn new ways to help reduce our carbon footprint while packaging your items safely and securely.