April 21, 2021 2 min read

At COPPER+CRONE we believe that mothers should get to spend their special day in May however they want.  Fancy brunch?  Sure!  Flowers and candy?  Go nuts!  There's no wrong way, right? 

As the mothers of small children, we quite honestly want to be celebrated by being ALONE!!! At first we found ourselves feeling guilty for wanting to celebrate Mother's Day by doing absolutely anything but spending time with our children.  Honestly, still doesn't sound super great, and I'm sure we will end up posting pics of our kids just so that people don't think we're monsters.  But just because our PR team (there's no PR team) thinks that it's a bad idea to admit these feelings doesn't make them less true.  And after the last year of being with our kids EVERY SECOND, we're just comin' out and proclaiming it loudly that what we want is for everyone to get out of our faces for a day.

So it was in the spirit of wanting to know how very special we are to our families without having to spend any time with them that we designed our Mother's Day baskets.  Every item was hand-selected to aid in relaxation, calming, and the occasional daydream of being on a beach far, far away from our little cherubs.

We think that you should snap one of these up for yourself, or for the women in your life who could use a little time to relax before running off the be all that she is to everyone else.

Love. Balance. Health. Happiness.


Basket Includes Lavender: Soap, Soap Tray, Lip Balm, Candle, Bath Bomb, Weighted Eye Pillow, Hand and Cuticle Salve, Reusable Felt Basket