April 08, 2021 2 min read

Great question.  They're everywhere on our site, in our captions, hell even our logo.  Here's how it went down:

When we were dreaming about our business, no matter what field or venture we considered we kept circling around a couple of ideas and themes, namely supporting women and designing a business that rejects the notion that in order to do good you sacrifice profit.

As we brainstormed and C+C began to take shape we did a lot of reading, research, and talking. We learned that we both have a lot of interest in and respect for what we affectionately refer to as "witchy shit."  What's witchy shit? Listening to our intuition, being sensitive to the energy around us, connecting to the properties of stones, plants, herbs, inward focus on healing....generally stuff that would have seen us on a pyre had we been born in a different era.  We developed a cheeky mantra that became a litmus test of our bravery: Would this have gotten us burned at the stake?  If the answer is no, we know we need to be bolder.

At some point we came across the Triple Goddess tradition found in Neopagan spirituality, and found interwoven across many cultures and religious traditions.  She is a goddess archetype, and is thought to be three distinct figures united in one being:

      The Maiden: representing new beginnings, optimism. The waxing Moon.            The Mother: Fertility, sexuality, stability, power. The full Moon.
      The Crone: Wisdom, tranquility, rootedness, end of cycles.  Waning Moon.
This beautiful tradition represents so much for us, but at its core it's a reminder to view the changes and phases in our lives the same as we would those of the Moon; there is no one phase of her cycle that's viewed as more beautiful or worthy than another, but rather is her natural progression.
Embracing this tradition helped us to reject the voices telling us that as two women approaching our 40s (with five kids between us) we can't do this.  Instead, we are trying to earn that Crone status and marvel at the beauty of every single phase. So, that's our deal with the Moon.
Love. Balance. Health. Happiness.