Lux & Knox

I'm a life-long New England girl who now lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, with my husband, two girls and our current new obsession: our 1 and a half year old German Shepherd Dog mix: Leeloo Dallas Multipass Wilson, who may have a better instagram account than I do. 
I am an organic chemist by training (hold while most people think about almost failing that class in college) and am intensely passionate about the work I do in oncology drug discovery. 
However, ever since I started making friendship bracelets taped under my desk in grade school I've always been dabbling in something crafty here and there, so starting Lux & Know was really a more formalized vision of what I've been doing my whole life. 
As my eldest put it in kindergarten: my mom wears all black and no dresses, and I think that is pretty spot on but I've always been obsessed with really beautiful earrings that can both work with your favorite hoodie for everyday life but are also modern and chic and make you feel fabulous.
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