M. Sheahan Studio

Meghan started selling jewelry in 2006 under the name Birdcage Jewelry. Many of her early pieces incorporated vintage beads and paper to create limited edition and one of a kind jewelry. Her choice of materials and unusual designs stemmed from her own desire to have unique things.

After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007, Meghan studied jewelry/metal arts at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and California College of the Arts. The natural beauty of the Bay Area inspired a progression in her style and technique. Meghan sells at seasonal markets and has participated in several independent maker markets including Art vs. Craft and Hover Craft in Milwaukee, Stitch in Austin, Patchwork in Oakland, No Coast Craft in Minneapolis and ICE in Atlanta. 

Now back in the Midwest, Meghan continues to combine metal techniques with organic materials, including wood, bone, precious and semi-precious stones and vintage items. She is fascinated by rocks/minerals. Her goal is to create bold, wearable pieces that have a balance of organic and modern. Meghan lives with her husband and two young daughters in Milwaukee, Wis. She also enjoys baking and running.

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