During the buying process, we always start with products; we look for beautiful, high quality, interesting pieces to add to our collections. 

We source exclusively from women-owned businesses, and try to ensure that the majority of the artisans we carry are doing some good in the world, whether through their art, by contributing proceeds to causes important to them, being conscientious of the materials they use in their work and to ship, etc.

We invite you to meet our artisans, and read a small snippet of what attracted us to them.

A core part of our business is to support women in their business endeavors, so please check them out on Instagram to learn more!
Mod Miss Jewelry
Paris, AK

Mod Miss Jewelry is dedicated to two tings- making beautiful jewelry and providing a safe haven for women struggling with life controlling issues. They employ women who are overcoming addiction so they can provide for their families and regain self-confidence. When you purchase from Mod Miss Jewelry you are helping to provide an opportunity for women to overcome and become better and stronger individuals for themselves, their families, and their local community.


Wax Apothecary  
Idyllwild, CA
There is something about the way these products are made and presented that you can truly feel that they are created in the spirit of an old-world apothecary.  We love that the candles are formulated with Aromatherapy & Light/Candle therapy benefits in mind, while also understanding that sometimes people just want a good natural home fragrance option.
Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade, Social Good: One Tree Planted Reforestation Partner          
Mind’s Eye Designs  
Hot Springs, CA                   
 We love that Tara Brown (designer) has been making jewelry since her high school art teacher introduced her to the medium.  Her designs are clean and sleek, and her company is dedicated to sourcing materials from U.S. companies working with other small, independent manufacturers.
 Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade, Small Batch
Social Good.  

The PinPal Club       
Nevada City, CA      
 The Pin Pal Club is a small, family-run business located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. Their inclusive messages are proclaimed on everything from their website to social media, and of course on the buttons they produce to help you proclaim your values too.
Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade, Small Batch
Social Good.  
Among the Flowers           
Placerville, CA        
 Born of a desire to improve the health of her home environment after having a  baby, the owner began making products without any unnecessary use of harmful ingredients.  You can’t help but fall in love with the stunning beauty of these handmade products which come into being by intuition, and the natural blending of botanicals, intended to deliver an enhanced ritual of positive, reflective, generative beauty.
Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade, Small Batch


Wolf and Rose Collections         
Fort Walton Beach, Florida             

Wolf and Rose mindfully curates ethically handcrafted collections from artisans and small shops across the globe. 

 Woman Owned, Handmade, Small Batch, Social Good

Margaret Vera            
Atlanta, GA              
 There is something special about the way Margaret Vera’s designs combine classic and timeless shapes with unexpected details.  She seeks out unusual materials, as influenced by her international background and has been working as an artist since the age of 8, when she sold her first painting.
 Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade
Therese Kuempel     
Chicago, IL
 Therese Kuempel is inspired by humans, outer space, geometry, and the natural world, and you see and feel it when you wear one of her beautiful designs. Characterized by strong, clean lines, her pieces are simultaneously modern and classic, and add interest to even the blandest outfits.
Woman Owned, Made in the USA, Handmade

Karama Collection           
Evansville, IN                       
 The first thing you notice is the stunning beauty of these bags, and when you learn the good that is done through the creation and sale of each one it is impossible not to be in love. Karama began in 2004 with one artisan partner in one country (Ethiopia) and has worked with 47 artisan partners in 8 countries over the past 17 years. They’ve invested $805K to help grow artisan small businesses (many of them women-owned) and donated $236K to send 4,720 kids in Africa and Haiti to Young Life camp.
Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade
Red Shed Design     
Fort Wayne, IN 
 The combination of natural and earthy elements with designs that are current and modern is what made us fall in love with Red Shed.  We love that there is a  generational history in the name and in the business. You can truly feel the love of both fashion and design when you wear these lightweight pieces, and the affordable price point helps you venture out into styles you’ve been wanting to try.
Woman Owned, Made in the USA, Handmade

Pretty Simple, LLC  
Lakeville, MN
 There’s no better feeling than picking up a beautiful item and knowing that in doing so, you are also supporting the dreams of the people behind it.  This is certainly the case with Pretty Simple as it was started when, after surviving breast cancer herself, the founder’s child was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes.  Our purchases support her small business as well as the non-profits they support.
Woman Owned, Social Good: Partners witth JDRF and T1 International
Funky Monkey Fashion   
Lakeville, MN                      
This is a good old-fashioned story of a woman taking a leap of faith, believing in herself, and grinding it out to bring a little funk to the lives of fashionable women. 
Woman Owned

Elyse Breanne Design       
Durham, NC
 Elyse is a full-time law student, part-time artist which frankly seems totally impossible having done the law school thing. Her work is beautiful and speaks to our values, and we are proud to support her.
Woman Owned, Made in the USA

Whispering Willow            
Lincolnton, NC        
 Buying products from this company means that we are supporting the crafting of handmade apothecary products made with natural and organic ingredients. They use eco-friendly packaging and donate 10% of their profits to charity each year.
Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade, Social Good

David Aubrey Jewelry     
Bayonne, NJ                         
 We love the story of how David Aubrey Jewelry came to be because it feels so familiar to us!  After attending nursing school at night and working as a jeweler's apprentice by day, it became clear that Jennifer Arago was destined to use her extraordinary talent making beautiful, wearable art.  Taking the leap of faith, she fully immersed herself into the jewelry business and we are so excited to bring her work into our shop to adorn our customers.
Woman Owned, Handmade, Made in the USA

Nomads and Settlers
Philomath, OR                     
 Of the many beautiful products available to be used in ritual practices, we loved that founder Antonia Miano has extensively studied her ritual practices, massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and holds a degree in Natural Medicine.  She respects the traditions of these practices as well as the planet, by committing to sustainable harvest practices, and using sage and flowers that are certified ethical, sustainable, and organic. They support wellness, comfort and spiritual growth by providing tools for everyone.
 Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Made in the USA, Handmade, Small Batch, Organic
Mechanicsburg, PA 
A story of a DIYer making simple designs, and growing into a company that now sources over 50 boutiques across America.
Woman Owned, Handmade, Made in the USA
Nat + Noor                           
Orem, UT              
 Offering jewelry and accessories inspired by simplicity, authenticity, quality, and functionally in mind. Noor means light in Arabic. This word encompasses what they are trying to create and spread. They are very conscious of waste and using renewable materials and are intentionally transparent about their process, constantly trying to improve and problem solve to lessen environmental impact.
Woman Owned, Eco-Friendly, Handmade, Small Batch

Bloom & Give
Dallas, TX

Inspired by the ancient traditions of textile artists in India, Bloom&Give produces the most beautiful garments and home textiles.  On an annual basis, they give 10% of sales to programs that send girls to school in rural India.

Woman Owned, Made in the USA, Handmade, Small Batch

Dear Darlington 
Milwaukee, WI
Is it so obvious when you look at her products that Steph, the owner and creator of Dear Darlington, has illustration at her core. Each piece is hand painted so they're all one of a kind pieces. We have been shopping at her brick & mortar for years and were over the moon when we learned we could bring in her amazing creations. 
Woman Owned, Made in the USA, Handmade, Small Batch