Happy Customers Happy Earth

It is very important to us that every part of the customer experience is positive, and for us that means making sure that we aren't harming the planet in getting your beautiful goods. 

Don't Judge the Items by the Packaging

We reuse shipping boxes and mailers as much as possible, so you may be receiving your order in a package that has already been shipped. It may not be the prettiest package, but we assure you that your items are of the highest quality. 

We are committed to learning from our peers and partners who are well versed in sustainable shipping practices, and hold ourselves accountable to improving every quarter. 

Lead Times

If you have been on the planet for the past six months, you know that shipping is the wild west at the moment.  We fulfill all orders within 24 hours, and approximate delivery to most doors within 5-8 business days, hopefully sooner. We'd rather make you happy in an earlier arrival than estimated, then bum you out by blowing an overly optimistic one. 


 We are trying to make this as simple as possible, so any orders over $50 include free shipping. 

Everything else is the exact cost for your address and the weight of your item.