Divine Feminine Hoops

  • Victoria Ann Meyers is a multi-passionate creative and full-time artist based in the suburbs of LA and she never meant to start a jewelry brand. No, she went into a crystal store in May of 2019 to get a sage bundle to smudge her abusive ex-husband's bad vibes out of her apartment because that seemed like a very “finally actually getting divorced” thing to do. There she decided that she NEEDED a citrine necklace because citrine is the stone of JOY and ABUNDANCE and all that she had been lacking and was calling into her new life as a self-employed, homeschooling single mom. Well, she couldn’t find one on the entire internet that fully embodied her vision of a sleek, minimalist style showcasing rough natural stones. So she did what any reasonable person would do and spent $100 she very much did not have because before leaving her ex she was a stay-at-home-mom on jewelry supplies hoping that she could at least make her money back by selling necklaces to her Instagram friends. That first batch of necklaces almost sold out the first day and… jewelry is her job now.