Lavender Linen Spray


By: Whispering Willow

We are obsessed.  Perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your very own bedroom. A great way to add a little something to date night, or before nighttime reading. A little bird told us it is also great for de-funkifying pre-teen bedrooms. It’s me, I’m the bird. Snap one up!

Maker Message:
Aroma can be a powerful communicator. It can evoke fond childhood memories of love and safety, while enhancing our mood, providing relaxation and more. Our Lavender Linen Spray is a wonderful way to bring the power of aromatherapy into everyday life. The light, floral scent of lavender can bring calm and equanimity to any space. Our linen spray is a wonderfully engaging product. You will often see customers spraying the tester, taking a sniff, and smiling with delight.