Two Libras

Set of 3 Mini Moon Phase Crystal Intention Candles

  • The perfect gift our self treat, try our 3 moon phase candles in miniature! Each candle is adorned with one-of-a-kind crystal chips, which have been cleansed and charged on White Horse Hill, on the Uffington.

    The New Moon - Labradorite

    Protection, Grounding, Intuition.

    The New Moon is not only your fresh start but your time of retreat. A time when you can regain your strength to begin again.

    Spend this time setting listening to your intuition and setting new intentions.

    Infused with a sensual scent of pomegranate, with pink pepper and Casablanca lily.

    The Waxing Moon - CarnelianAction, Passion, Focus

    The Waxing Moon is the time for action, passion, and focus.

    Made in the United Kingdom